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First, lemme get this outta the way:

Gervonta Davis is that deal. I could even see him beating Loma. Fast as a shark and hits hard. Closes the show if he gets the slightest in on the other guy.

So is Jermall Charlo. Same story as Davis as far as speed and power. Ridiculous combo of speed and punching ability for a middleweight. Would love to see him against GGG (probably more than I would the eventual Canelo rematch) or even more so against the weaselly Saunders.

(His brother is pretty good but hasn't fought in a while, has a fight in June against a former champ [Trout] but should throw him a beating too.)

OK, now for last weekend:

The Dogboe-Magdaleno fight was tenacious. Lighter guys can get after it. I loved watching the little guy from Ghana just keep getting after the supposedly more talented and favored Magdaleno, then finally just breaking his will...ref stopped it but I swear it was like watching Bloodsport when JCVD grabbed Chong Li and twisted his neck til he quit.

Big this kid. Total character. He fought an inferior yet tough opponent and just seemed to be having fun popping the guy's head around like a bop doll. Not sure what he could do against Joshua or Wilder but neither would dispatch him quickly if at all.

Best part of the fight was my boxing-hating wife (odd bc her uncle won gold in the '32 Olympics at welter) walking into the kitchen and glancing at the TV:

(sees Miller): "He's f*****g fat."
(sees him throw a few punches): "Pretty f*****g fast though."

I was on like my 4th DIPA at that point so I was, um...too mummified to say much.

Not really looking forward to this triple G sparring session this weekend; in fact, I'm more interested in the Derby and whatever sketchy drinks will be served at a party I'm attending, given that's it's also obviously Cinco de Mayo.
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